Work Starts on Wednesday!

My last few days of vacation, before I start work on August 1st, have been filled with leisurely reading and long afternoons at the pool.  Thanks to my regimented sunscreen application, I have yet to feel the wrath of a sunburn – go me.

First up, I re-read Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake.  The anticipated sequel (at least for me it’s anticipated), Girl of Nightmares will be released next Tuesday, August 7th.  This YA novel is about Cas, a ghost-hunter (not ghostbuster), and his quest to vanquish a particularly vengeful ghost named Anna; the story follows his tale as a simple job of taking down a ghost goes very awry.  While in the novel Cas resents the comparison of his ragtag group of associates to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it is fitting, and a contributing reason as to why I like the book so much.


I was very happy to discover that Kendare Blake and Erin Morgenstern (the author of the previously discussed Night Circus) will make an appearance at the AJC Decatur Book Festival August 31st to September 2nd.  YAY! I love meeting authors!  While many authors do make it out to the local bookstores in Raleigh, NC, I am hoping even more make their way to Atlanta (similar to musicians).

See for more information.

Next, I re-read The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.  I had originally borrowed this book from my friend Ginger but after reading it, I had to own it for myself.  Normally, I am not a fan of books written in the form of letters aka epistolary novels, however, this one is phenomenal in my opinion.  For people that know me, it is no surprise that I am ecstatic for the movie adaptation starring Emma Watson!  The movie is due in theaters mid-September.  Though for the record, I tend to believe that books should be left in their written format, more often than not, the book is always better than the movie.


Most recently (today in fact), I finished reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.  The cover of this novel intrigued me for many weeks at the bookstore and finally read it when I received it as a gift.  I really enjoyed this book, it ended quite abruptly however and the sequel is due out next spring.  This book is also being adapted for film by Tim Burton.  This is not surprising given the quirky cover, however as previously stated, why does Hollywood have to turn every book into a movie??


In between reading or watching The Walking Dead on Netflix (I finished season 2 of Pretty Little Liars and am now going through withdrawal as season 3 is currently in motion and unavailable for streaming – boo!  I did give The Vampire Diaries pilot a try but then realized I was tired of watching high schoolers and switched to zombies), I have been tuning into the Olympics.  Little gymnastics, little swimming/diving, and actually a little kayaking this morning.  The age range of Olympians is astounding to me.  Some of the gymnasts and swimmers are so young but then the some of the other sportsmen are in their 40s.  I have decided I like female gymnastics more than male – I’m not a fan of the pummel horse or the parallel bars.  Just putting it out there.

SO 2 big things happen on Wednesday!  Mark comes – yayayayay!  And work starts – ah!!  I did a practice drive to work today, it took about 20 minutes, but I was also commuting about an hour later than I will on Wednesday.  I set my alarm in order to go through the motions as if I was really going to work.  However, I said screw you alarm without realizing it and then slept for another hour – oops!

The plan tomorrow is to ensure all of my paperwork is in order, straighten up the apartment, and lounge by the pool one last day, well one last weekday that is.  Until next time.


Getting Settled In

Over the past week I have done a combination of unpack the apartment, lounge by the pool and watch an obscene amount of Pretty Little Liars on Netfilx.  Nearly everything but picture frames and posters have been put in their place.  When I’m not unpacking, I can usually be found reading by the pool.  I know, I know, it’s back-breaking work.

It’s a hard life not working.

I have read two books this week, both of which I highly recommend.  The first was Feed by M.T. Anderson, the second, as pictured above, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  You know it’s going to be a good book when the author’s name is Erin.  Next on the list is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, a gift from my friend Kelley.

As previously stated, I have watched quite a lot of the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars in recent days.  It’s quite delightful trash that you don’t feel too terrible at watching which is good but it’s so terribly addicting.

Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead…

Though fear not, I have also been productive.  I went to the Georgia DMV yesterday and procured a temporary GA license (while I wait for my real on in the mail).  Talk about a scary place… though if it wasn’t scary, it wouldn’t be the DMV.  I intended to put a picture of my delightful new license but as my renter’s insurance company tells me, I am the perfect candidate for identity theft and as I did not purchase identity theft insurance, I do not want to prove him right.  Also, I did not take a picture of my North Carolina license before it was ripped from my fingers, well maybe not ripped, but I didn’t even get to say good-bye.

I did however get a library card which I will share with you.  You never know when you may require the services of the local library, a scant ~2 miles from my apartment.


Luna and Bear are doing better.  Being home during the day, I realize just how much cats sleep, which is an insane amount.  But no more hiding for the kitties, they are out and about and playing and causing mischief just like normal.

Rare bath time event.

I know that Bear definitely misses Mark.  He won’t need to miss him for long – Mark is coming next week for an interview!!  I am so excited for him but I am also excited that he will be here for my first day of work.  Only 5 more days – crazy nervous!!  But I can’t wait!

So far so good…

Residence: Atlanta

The past few days have been some of the busiest in recent memory.  Mark picked up the Budge truck Wednesday afternoon.  The van was loaded up by dinner time!  I had my last dinner in Raleigh at Lilly’s – yum!

Thursday morning we were off!  We got to Atlanta before 5PM and I was moved in by 9PM, including dinner!  Friday we spent the day building furniture, arranging it all, unpacking, etc.


Nearly full Budget moving van!


Empty moving van!  We had a small and large dolly which shaved ~2 hours off our move!  This apartment is on the first floor, as opposed to all my other apartments in which lots and lots of stairs were involved.





Bear loves the 3/4 wall surrounding the bedroom, he is such a little climber!  He hops from the floor – kitchen counter – refrigerator – cabinets – to the wall.


Rooftop deck with a view of Atlanta.  Photo boomed by the UNC gnome.

Mark and my Dad left about 10:30 this morning.  I’m really, really going to miss Mark but I know he’ll move down as soon as he can.  He has a killer resume and I am confident Atlanta engineering firms will be impressed!

In completely unrelated news: my good friend Kelley had a beautiful baby girl today, Norah Aewen, at 10:12AM! Congrats to Kelley and Trent (and Liam too!).

Georgia Bound

Tonight is the night before the day before my big move to Atlanta.  Departure is set for Thursday morning; the caravan is composed of a moving van, a delightfully charming prius and a tagalong civic.  Mark, my Dad and I will set forth into the great unknown aka Southeast Atlanta sometime after dawn, perhaps predawn if my father has any say in the matter.

For those out of the loop, Mark and I are relocating to Atlanta, GA where I will take up a post at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation as the newest Forensic Chemist.  My training will last between 9 and 12 months; Mark and I anticipate being in Atlanta a minimum of 3 years.  I earned my M.S. in Forensic Science from VCU in 2009 and have spent the past 3 years working at Duke University in the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory.

I am very excited and nervous to be moving to Atlanta to start my forensics career.  I have 2 friends already living in Atlanta, Skye and Tracey, former classmates of mine.  Having friends in Atlanta will make my transition so much easier (consider my move to Richmond for graduate school when I knew absolutely no one and spent 2 months being a hermit until Skye demanded I be her friend – thank you Skye).  For those who don’t know, Mark will remain in Raleigh working for the DOT while he feverishly job hunts.  I will receive sole custody of our felines Luna and Bear while Mark moves in with his sister.

I (hopefully we soon) will be living at the Fulton Cotton Mill Lofts.  Originally constructed in 1881, the Cotton Mill has been refurbished as apartments and condos.  Each apartment is slightly different, most of the interior structure was maintained resulting in 20 foot ceilings, exposed bricks and vast windows.  The complex has rooftop decks with incredible views of downtown and of course, a killer pool.


Excuse the cemetery.


Currently, our Raleigh apartment is in shambles.  Boxes are everywhere and in varying states of readiness for a move that is quickly approaching.  Tomorrow promises to be a crazy day as I finish packing, Mark procures the moving van and we load it up.  More to follow!