Georgia Bound

Tonight is the night before the day before my big move to Atlanta.  Departure is set for Thursday morning; the caravan is composed of a moving van, a delightfully charming prius and a tagalong civic.  Mark, my Dad and I will set forth into the great unknown aka Southeast Atlanta sometime after dawn, perhaps predawn if my father has any say in the matter.

For those out of the loop, Mark and I are relocating to Atlanta, GA where I will take up a post at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation as the newest Forensic Chemist.  My training will last between 9 and 12 months; Mark and I anticipate being in Atlanta a minimum of 3 years.  I earned my M.S. in Forensic Science from VCU in 2009 and have spent the past 3 years working at Duke University in the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory.

I am very excited and nervous to be moving to Atlanta to start my forensics career.  I have 2 friends already living in Atlanta, Skye and Tracey, former classmates of mine.  Having friends in Atlanta will make my transition so much easier (consider my move to Richmond for graduate school when I knew absolutely no one and spent 2 months being a hermit until Skye demanded I be her friend – thank you Skye).  For those who don’t know, Mark will remain in Raleigh working for the DOT while he feverishly job hunts.  I will receive sole custody of our felines Luna and Bear while Mark moves in with his sister.

I (hopefully we soon) will be living at the Fulton Cotton Mill Lofts.  Originally constructed in 1881, the Cotton Mill has been refurbished as apartments and condos.  Each apartment is slightly different, most of the interior structure was maintained resulting in 20 foot ceilings, exposed bricks and vast windows.  The complex has rooftop decks with incredible views of downtown and of course, a killer pool.


Excuse the cemetery.


Currently, our Raleigh apartment is in shambles.  Boxes are everywhere and in varying states of readiness for a move that is quickly approaching.  Tomorrow promises to be a crazy day as I finish packing, Mark procures the moving van and we load it up.  More to follow!


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