Residence: Atlanta

The past few days have been some of the busiest in recent memory.  Mark picked up the Budge truck Wednesday afternoon.  The van was loaded up by dinner time!  I had my last dinner in Raleigh at Lilly’s – yum!

Thursday morning we were off!  We got to Atlanta before 5PM and I was moved in by 9PM, including dinner!  Friday we spent the day building furniture, arranging it all, unpacking, etc.


Nearly full Budget moving van!


Empty moving van!  We had a small and large dolly which shaved ~2 hours off our move!  This apartment is on the first floor, as opposed to all my other apartments in which lots and lots of stairs were involved.





Bear loves the 3/4 wall surrounding the bedroom, he is such a little climber!  He hops from the floor – kitchen counter – refrigerator – cabinets – to the wall.


Rooftop deck with a view of Atlanta.  Photo boomed by the UNC gnome.

Mark and my Dad left about 10:30 this morning.  I’m really, really going to miss Mark but I know he’ll move down as soon as he can.  He has a killer resume and I am confident Atlanta engineering firms will be impressed!

In completely unrelated news: my good friend Kelley had a beautiful baby girl today, Norah Aewen, at 10:12AM! Congrats to Kelley and Trent (and Liam too!).


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