Massive Amount of Updates!

I am officially the worst blogger in the free world. Let’s dive in from where we left off shall we?

I started work as a Drug Chemist at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on August 1st. My first month has been a whirlwind of activity. Including myself, there are 9 trainees but I am definitely the oldest. Over the course of the next year, I will undergo extensive training to say the least. This past Friday I invited the other trainees over for a movie night. We hung out and ordered pizza and watched Hunger Games; it was nice to get to know them outside of the lab.

Since starting work, I have had a revolving door of visitors! Mark, my parents, Emily, Karen and Ginger! Whew! And Mark also moved down permanently at the end of August!

As I said, I started work on August 1st and Mark had 2 interviews August 2nd and 3rd! He flew down the evening of August 1st – I can’t tell you how nice it was to have him here after my first day of work!  Needless to say, Mark owned both of this job interviews and got 2 job offers! Mark accepted a position with Parsons-Brinkerhoff and moved down for good at the end August!! Yay!

My parents came to visit the following week on Wednesday night during my first full week of work. They were great explorers while I was at work on Thursday and Friday – they went to the MLK Monument, the Carter Library, and the CDC. Thursday night my parents and I went to the aquarium during a summer nights promotion.  The only downside to the viewing the aquarium at night: the otters were sleeping!  Emily’s worse nightmare come to life, good thing I had already seen them in action when I went to the aquarium with Skye!

Saturday, My parents and I went to Oakland Cemetery and the Botanical Gardens. There was a ScoutMob for the Botanical Gardens – heck yea 50% off for admission tickets!


Yes, I did park here!


Tree Hugger

My parents departed back to NC on Sunday (boo) and Emily came on Monday (yay) ! I did have to share her attention with Evan but it was so good to see her! We went out to dinner Tuesday night to Tin Lizzy’s with Evan and sat on the rooftop deck overlooking the cemetery. Wednesday Emily, Evan and I went to a Braves baseball game, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Thursday I was invited to have dinner at Evan’s house, Evan is quite the cook!  Emily and Evan went to Asheville for the weekend on her way back to Raleigh – jealous!  I can’t wait to see Em again!! P.S. Evan you still have my Muppets movie, I have not forgotten…


Braves game at Turner Field


Racy Tracys

When Mark moved down at the end of August, Karen joined him for a visit! Mark took Karen around the city Thursday and Friday because I had to work. We celebrated Karen’s birthday by going out to dinner and divulging in delicious cupcakes! We took Karen to the zoo and ended up purchasing a zoo membership, I think it will come in really handy! For a metro zoo, the Atlanta zoo is really nice! After the zoo the 3 of us went to the Summer Shade Festival in Grant Park – so much fun!


Eatman Siblings

Ginger came to visit over Labor Day weekend. Ginger and I did a ton of stuff which was kind of a deviation from our usual protocol of relaxation, brownies, and gobs of guilty pleasure TV. After Ginger arrived on Friday, we went out to TacoMac to watch the first NC State football game of the season against UT-Knoxville. The game was actually played in Atlanta but the tickets were too expensive. The game started well enough but then tanked in typical NCSU fashion. We left after a lackluster 3rd quarter and needless to say we lost 😦 (We did beat UConn yesterday!)


Fabulous Pack Pride

Saturday was busy busy busy! I took Ginger to the zoo, Mark and I’s membership is already paying off! Most of the animals were out and about for photo ops. After lunch, Ginger was so so kind to accompany me to the AJC Decatur Book Festival. I already can’t wait to go back again next year! I was able to see authors Erin Morgenstern and Kendare Blake and get my books signed


Kendare Blake


Erin Morgenstern

Sunday we went out to brunch to the delicious Highland Bakery and then spent all day shopping. Who knows how many miles we walked between Saturday and Sunday! I can’t wait to plan my visit to Columbia, SC!

Whew! I promise to update before another 6 weeks pass by!


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