Feline Decision 2012!

Welcome to Feline Decision 2012!

Introducing the candidates for Supreme Kitty Overlord of Apartment C120:

Bear Eatman: Just over 2 years old, Bear is the youngest competitor these elections have ever seen. Bear is currently running on a platform of adorableness and increased wet food supplies to the population of C120. Bear greatly identifies with the younger generation and is often seen at Atlanta hotspots entertaining the crowds.

Bear has most recently been spotted in the company of kitty celebrity Purrito, who recently celebrated her first birthday, sparking rumors Bear could begin his reign of Supreme Overlord with a First Lady, should he take the crown.

Luna Tracy: The more mature candidate at age 9, Luna is beginning her campaign for Supreme Overlord by endorsing Saturday sleep-ins and quieter public spaces. More reserved than Bear, Luna maintains the company of a few select advisors for which she seeks counsel. While both Bear and Luna were once homeless, Luna has made it her personal mission to help the less fortunate through charity work and food drives.

Our moderator recently interviewed the contenders in our new series ‘Flying Fur’, the following is a transcript of the first of many conversations with the candidates:

Moderator: How you [the candidates] plan on addressing the decline in kitty toy sales and increase in struggling kitty families?

Luna: For years before the economic crisis, middle-class cat security had been slipping away. I plan to invest in the future of felines everywhere. Education is the greatest tool we have to climb the proverbial scratching post.

Bear: I pledge to cut taxes for all small pet shop businesses and increase private sector options for fuzzy ball and loud bell toy purchases. I want to enhance global kitten adoption competitiveness, show these puppies that we, cats, are man’s best friend! No kitten left behind!

Stay tuned during this exciting election season to hear more from the candidates!

Sadly, these elections are already taking a negative toll on the candidates when the paparazzi captured images of a very public argument:

How will all this play out? Only time will tell!


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