Feline Decision 2012 – The Debate Continues!

In light of the events happening tonight, I thought I would bring everyone up to speed on Feline Decision 2012.  To recap, 2 adorable cats are competing for the title of Supreme Kitty Overlord of Apartment C120.  Bear is a vivacious cat, straight out of kitten-hood, with a connection to young, energized voters.  Given his carefree attitude and stance on social issues, combined with his conservative to moderate position on fiscal responsibility, Bear appeals to a wide variety of feline voters.

Luna is a mature older cat with the experience needed to lead the apartment into a new golden age.  Luna has been involved in politics for many years; she has previously governed over two past residences – a historic row house in Richmond and a suburban apartment in Cary.  Since moving to Raleigh, Bear has been hot on Luna’s heels and is determined to win the throne once and for all!  Luna is sure to put up a fight!


Our gracious impartial kitty cat moderator has supplied further questions for our series ‘Flying Fur’.  In the second edition, we ask the candidates the hard questions.  Hopefully their answers will allow voters to align with a candidate that shares their values for the new world order.

Moderator: How do you feel about tomcats marrying tomcats?

Luna: I believe what kitties do in the privacy of their own homes is their business.  Intrusion by the government in the kitty condos of the feline population is unAmerican.  I believe in the right to lead a quiet, peaceful life no matter the circumstance.

Bear: As the first candidate ever in the history of Feline Decision to publicly support marriage for all kitties no matter what, equality for same-feline couples is an issue near and dear to my fur.  I believe that all kitties have the right to be treated fairly and equally.

How do you plan to address the current granular litter shortage crisis?

Bear: Litter shortages are unacceptable in this day and age!  Such shortages are an indicator of a poor labor force, we need to bring jobs back home.  I have said all along that we need to re-build our economy in order to provide a more stable future for our kittens.

Luna: A decrease in the production of litter shortage concerns me greatly.  Without granular litter, the kitty population could be facing a health crisis unheard of in the past 3 generations.  This problems disproportionately affects those cats without stable access to health facilities.  In times like these, it is important that we all open our doors to those less fortunate, share what we do have, and save for the future.

Stay tuned for further coverage of our debate!  Every election season is a roller coaster!


Bear attempts to hide from the paparazzi!

Stay tuned as election season kicks into high gear!  In the next installment of ‘Flying Fur’ we will continue to bombard the candidates with questions concerning the most pressing issues of the times.  Also, local cats are interviewed on their feelings about the candidates!


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