Final Feline Debate!

Coinciding with the last presidential debate of election season 2012, I am proud to present the final debate between Bear and Luna for Supreme Kitty Overlord of Apartment C12o.  In the polls, Bear and Luna have been scruff and scruff.  I hope everyone will take advantage of their hard-earned civil rights and vote in this ever crucial election.  The residents of C120 are counting on you!

Our final interview with the candidates is brought to you by a pair of well respected commentators, a terrific team: Leo and Milo!

Leo: Thanks so much for having us, it’s a real pleasure to be able to interview such influential kitties.

Milo: Meow Meow!

Down to business!

Leo and Milo: Our final question to you, the candidates is one that is near and dear to your constituents.  Luna and Bear – Do you support equal rights for fixed and ‘in-tact’ felines alike?

Luna: First off, I would like to say thank you to Leo and Milo for being here tonight, the pleasure is all mine.  I believe that we need to get to the core reason of inequality within the kitty cat population.  I believe in raising wet cat food taxes in order to pay for the social welfare programs necessary to fix all kitties.  We must not live beyond our means, there should be no kitty that goes without food or shelter because they can not afford to be fixed.  We must take care of each other.


Bear: Milo, Leo – it has been a great election season, so glad you could join us!  My colleague brings to light an interesting point.  Why should we raise taxes in order to pay for kitty fixes they may not want to be fixed?  All kitties should be treated fairly across the board, no questions asked.  In this economy, we can not afford to raise taxes.  We need to re-evaluate programs which are no longer necessary in order to provide for those in poverty.


Leo: Wow!  I think both the candidates bring up critical points!

Milo: Meow Meow!

This wraps up the third segment in our Flying Fur debate series.  Over the course of the past few weeks, we have met and gotten to know 2 respected cats vying for the position of Supreme Overlord of apartment C120.  Luna and Bear are wonderful felines, may the best meow win!  A big thanks to our wonderful guest political commentators!


Remember to cast your vote for Supreme Kitty Overlord of Apartment C120 on November 6th! Luna vs. Bear!  Who will prevail?! May the odds be ever in your favor!  God Bless A-meow-ica!



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