Bear Reigns Supreme!

After a long and dramatic election, Bear has been elected Supreme Overlord of Apartment C120.  In a stunning victory, Bear gave his acceptance speech to a audience of his closest friends, family, and advisors.  “The people have spoken and they are ready for change!” exclaimed Bear to an enthusiastic crowd.

Voter turnout was at an all time low (2-1).  Rather than prolonging the grueling election cycle, Luna gracefully conceded the title of Supreme Overlord to Bear in the early hours of Wednesday, November 7th.  “As heartbreaking as this loss is, I will continue to champion for feline rights everywhere and I wish Bear well in his new political office” Luna said in a press conference.

Luna plans to use her free time helping the homeless and drafting legislation in order to protect kitten rights.

Starting immediately, Bear plans to keep his promises to his voters in order to fix the economy and raise the overall quality of life for all cats.  Already Bear has started working with local law enforcement to clean up some of the shadier elements of Atlanta.  Last week, Bear was made an honorary member of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in recognition of his efforts to take a tough stance on crime.  “We will not sit idly by while the seedy under belly of the Atlanta feline mob besmirches the good name of all Georgia cats!”

In one short month Bear has been a busy kitty!  In addition to his tough new legislation on crime, Bear has made sweeping economic reforms as well as championing social changes protecting all cats, notably tomcats, everywhere from discrimination.  What an exciting roller coaster this has been for both Luna and Bear!

Thanks everyone for reading – I really appreciate it!

Happy Late Halloween!


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