Bookish Update

Just a quick update on my latest reads!

Following the intensity of Unwind by Neal Shusterman, I read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline at Mark’s suggestion. Mark has read a few of my books (The Book Thief, Feed, The Magicians) and I decided it was high time I returned the favor. Mark went on and on about Ready Player One for quite awhile which is kind of rare for him. All I can say is good choice Mark! Ready Player One is a fantastic futuristic adventure encompassing an obsession with the 1980’s, specifically vintage video games, and a quest a holy grail of sorts, with some unconventional bonds of friendship and a love story thrown in for good measure.



After RPO, I started Unwholly but stopped because one of the new characters seemed like a carbon copy of a deceased character from Unwind and I was a bit turned off by the redundancy. However, after a month long break (whoops!) I have picked Unwholly back up and am ready to make peace with the new character – so far so good!

In between RPO and Unwholly, I read the brief e-novella Dangerous Dream by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, which is a bit of a prequel to the upcoming novel Dangerous Creatures. Garcia and Stohl are the lovely pair who brought us the Beautiful Creatures series. I’ve discussed my feelings about e-books before, especially e-novellas that fall in between novels –> I don’t like them!! They are too short, I have to buy them on my iphone (I don’t own an e-reader), hence they are hard to read (I’m old!!) and then they are usually added to the hardback copies of the following novel in the series so it’s like buying the short story twice. That said, Dangerous Dream was a sweet (a la Ridley) taste of what’s to come in Dangerous Creatures and I am certainly excited to be visiting Gatlin again!


Last week I finished re-reading Fangirl. Let me just say I love love love Rainbow Rowell (as if I haven’t sung her praises enough already, which by the way is impossible!). I can not get enough of Rainbow or Cath, Levi, Reagan and Wren, or Eleanor and Park for that matter!! Let me live in your world!! Obsessed. Enough said.


Back to Unwholly! I’m about a quarter of the way through and I hope to finish by the time I leave for my cruise next week. My cruise reads include Panic by Lauren Oliver and Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins, these books being the only things I have packed… More entries to come after vacation including my 3rd author encounter with Lauren Oliver and an older author encounter with Stephanie Perkins (and Gayle Forman)!




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