Author Encounters: Veronica Roth and Marie Lu

This past week (Thursday to be precise), Little Shop of Stories in conjunction with Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA hosted an evening conversation between authoresses Veronica Roth and Marie Lu of the Divergent trilogy and Legend trilogy, respectively.


With the purchase of an event ticket package, I received two tickets AND two fantastic books!  The first book is Four by Veronica Roth, a collection of short stories from the world of Divergent from Four’s POV along with three additional scenes taken from Divergent and written from Four’s POV.  Secondly, is Legend by Marie Lu.  I am particularly excited about Legend, it’s a book I’ve been seeing on the shelves for years and have never picked up.  No excuses now!

The conversation began with a lightening round of questions back and forth between Roth and Lu covering topics from favorite superhero (batman and spiderman, respectively) to the villain you would most like to punch in the face (both agreed on Dolores Umbridge much to the audience’s pleasure).  There were lots of Harry Potter references so you know I was happy.  One completely random thing, I was surprised by how tall Roth is, I mean she really does tower over people!!  Both authors were engaging, often making each other and the audience laugh.  They asked each other questions and took questions from the audience.


One question that stuck out in particular was when Roth asked Lu about the work she put into the dual perspectives of June and Day from Legend.  It was hard to stifle a laugh/cough/comment, a problem that I think was shared by other audience members.  In a previous posting I wrote reviewing Allegiant, one of my main beefs with the novel was its poor dual POV execution.  I haven’t read Legend yet so I can’t comment on Lu’s dual POV ability but she seemed to have done extensive work on creating each character and their individual voices.  I hope Roth takes a lesson from Lu if she is planning on future dual POV novels.

Following the end of the Legend trilogy, Lu has a new novel coming out this fall called The Young Elites.  I am interested to know what Roth has coming down the pipe next (I hope this doesn’t turn into a Cassandra Clare situation where she is unable to write anything outside this world).  Currently Insurgent is filming in Atlanta and I have seen Shailene Woodley twice, TWICE!  Let me tell you, the first time I saw her at the farmers market, I had a fangirl attack of epic proportions probably because I recently sobbed over The Fault in Our Stars in theaters.  She was behind me getting coffee, I had heart palpitations, I got my coffee and went to the sidebar to get creamer and had a fangirl, silent squealing moment with another girl that recognized her.  At least from what I saw, the people that recognized her gave her space and let her go about her organic shopping needs.  Then I saw her the following weekend again at the same farmers market, I swear I’m not stalking her.

In other bookish news, I finished Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor (review to follow) and am re-reading The Magicians by Lev Grossman.


3 thoughts on “Author Encounters: Veronica Roth and Marie Lu

    • 😀 I was frantically whispering to my husband behind you behind you movie star behind you. His response: I don’t know who you’re talking about *facepalm* Though second time we saw her, he was all ‘there’s your girl again’ – AH!

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