Whovians Unite!

Up until now I’ve kept Keenly Peaches mostly about the Young Adult fiction I read (more often than not including my beloved book club Not-So-YA) and I’ve decided I want to diversify a bit – just branch out and share more of my everyday life. I don’t read quite as many books as others and I tend to watch a great deal of Netflix so I just wanted to share other aspects of my life and maybe that will lead to posting more than twice a month. Well that makes me sound like a hermit, but I am a bit of hermit so I guess thats ok.

One of my newer obsessions (within the past year) has been Doctor Who. My husband started watching this odd show before bed and I was like what the hell is that?! He told me, you must watch this, you must. I resisted. It wasn’t until my friend Kelley was like no seriously you need to watch this that I gave it a shot (we share a similar wavelength of books, disney movies, and overall nerdom). And I’ve been a Whovian ever since. Christopher Eggleston was my first doctor, David Tennant is my favorite doctor, and I am without a doubt a Ten/Rose shipper. Donna is my second favorite companion – I love the friendship between her and the Doctor, I have a hipster crush on Rory and I’m skeptical of Peter Capaldi. I think that is the simplified version of my Whovian status.


Last Halloween, Mark and I went as the Tenth Doctor and the TARDIS. Oh, and probably my favorite episode is The Doctor’s Wife (and Blink but I feel like that’s everyone’s favorite so it almost doesn’t count). We looked pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I essentially searched on Pinterest for a TARDIS costume that I didn’t need to be Martha Stewart to make.



This past weekend at the Masquerade in Atlanta, there was a Time Lord Party! Mark and I went and we had a great time; there was a band, vendors (I bought a little Tenth Doctor magnet), themed drinks and costume contest. I did think the event was a little odd on a Friday night from 9PM to 3AM with a DJ attempting to cater to mostly nerdy introverts, all dressed in the same five costumes but everyone seemed to be having a good time despite their social abnormalities.




All that said, I’m super excited for new season to start back up, I’m ready to move on from Clara (obviously not this season), and I really just want to watch the 50th anniversary special over and over again.



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