As I looked down at the cover of Wytches #1 (written by Scott Synder and art by Jock) I found myself waiting for an eerie soundtrack to cue up (i.e. American Horror Story) but what I got instead was an eerie silence punctuated by the rattling of my lopsided dryer.


This is gonna be good!

The first scene, right off the bat – holy shit! Timothy isn’t effing around.

Holy crap I was just blown away by the first issue. Oh my god I want more more more more – good thing I have #2 and #3 right next to me!!! Just a few quick thoughts on the Rook family: Sail, I love the way she is drawn and her style in particular, Sail’s dad is pretty damn cool and he has a ferris wheel tattoo, and lastly Sail’s mom, super fashionable and upbeat about their intense streak of bad luck. The art, the surprises, the gore – I think I have a new favorite comic!! Oh and lastly, Annie deserved it.

What do I say about #2 except that it was over soooooo fast!! Ah! We really see the wytches for the first and damn, they are unlike anything I’ve seen before in the horror genre. The art is breathtakingly creepy and fantastic, it’s giving me goosebumps!! Ooo #2 and #3 take place on my birthday, I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.


It’s getting dark outside, the wind is howling and our outdoor stray black cat is meowing for food, my surroundings are getting creepier by the moment. There is a scene in #3 that is so completely out there, I was just thinking like ‘wtf is happening’ horrified. I can’t wait to read more of this series, #4 due out later this month (so says #3).


I’m gonna go hide under a blanket now.


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