Comic Book Haul


Thor #4 – So a dark elf, a minotaur, and the new Thor walk into a bar. Except instead of a bar, its’a secret vault containing the skull of a giant king that has the power to plunge the ten realms into war. What could go wrong?

Reading a comic book series with YEARS of backstory is intimating, like scary intimidating, like where do I start maybe I’ll just give up before I even start. Panels has a great posting on this very topic right here. With every passing issue of Thor, I am enjoying the complex world more and more – granted there is a lot of terminology that goes over my head but I am very much enjoying the story. I loved the Thor vs. Thor banter in #4 and the artwork continues to be top notch. I particularly love the inner dialogue of (Lady) Thor, even though she is clearly a badass superhero her inner monologue makes her so relatable. I can’t wait for #5 out 2/11/15.

Lumberjanes # 10 – Guys, we are going to spend this free day earning as many boring and frankly outdated badges as possible! OR DIE TRYING.

Lumberjanes continues to be hella sweet. The girls’ passion for summer camp shenanigans is always an entertaining treat and every issue presents a ridiculous, unexpected surprise. What will the girls find in the woods this week?? (spoiler it may be dinosaurs in an out of order outbox!)

March Book One by Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell

I heard about March on Panels’ podcast Oh, Comics! Oh, Comics! is a weekly chat show about the wild and wooly world of comics, hosted by Paul Montgomery and Preeti Chhibber (If you can’t tell, I go to Panels for all my comic needs!!). Immediately after listening to the podcast and adding March to my Goodreads TBR, a friend told me that Congressman John Lewis would be at a book signing at Criminal Records for the release of Book Two. Here was the perfect opportunity to buy Book One, have it signed and meet the acclaimed Congressman himself! I have heard that March takes the larger than life Civil Rights heroes and makes them real, everyday people. I can’t wait to see Lewis’ life and our nation’s history come to life, a full review to follow!



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