Saturday Comics

It’s been a great day for comics, here’s what I’m reading:


Thor #5 – Each issue is better than the one before it – there’s a great fight sequence calling out all the haters of a female Thor.  Thor is my first real introduction to the hardcore superhero universe but it’s been pretty easy to follow along and pick up the terminology (Midgard, for instance).  I can’t wait to see how Thor will overcome the scheming of Odin and his brother as they try to bring her down.


Ms. Marvel #6 (and #7) were hilarious as Kamala Khan completely fangirls out after teaming up with Wolverine to try to figure out the Inventor’s sinister plot in Jersey City.  A teenage superhero through and through.


Locke and Key Vol. 5 – oh my god, I need Vol. 6 immediately.

What comic books are you excited about?


2 thoughts on “Saturday Comics

  1. I love Locke & Key, but I’ve fallen behind in my reading of the series because I don’t like taking the books with me on business trips (don’t want to ruin all that beautiful art).

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