Sunday Comics

My weekend kicked off by hitting up Criminals Records.  There was only one lonely comic in my cubby – Saga #26 but I also picked up a newbie – Descender #1 by Jeff Lemir and Dustin Nguyen from Image Comics (aren’t they the best?!).


Each issue which features the ever adorable Gus is amazing!  Also, Lying Cat, it was a double delight.  However, I can’t say I was a fan of how the issue ended – I haven’t been a fan of that particular story line.  I am interested to see how both Marko and Alana fare with their respective sketchy alliances.


Descender is a new comic from Image with stunning watercolor artwork.  I was really impressed with the groundwork laid for the series in which a futuristic coalition of intergalactic worlds are nearly wiped out by unknown planet-sized robots.  The aftermath of the massacre leads to a government sanctioned slaughter of all robotic entities however one small robot boy was forgotten on a distant moon and he suddenly finds himself the universe’s number #1 target.

What are you reading this weekend?


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