Friday Reads

You can always count on a cat to sit on whatever it is you need at that moment in time.  Bear is currently posing on top of my two Friday reads – I’m taking today off to take care of Mark who had his wisdom teeth taken out this morning (or as I like to say, forcibly ripped from his skull).


Outcast by Robert Kirkman (creator of the Walking Dead) and Paul Azaceta is a new comic from Image, Volume 1: A Darkness Surrounds Him comprises issues #1-6.  Leaving the world of zombies behind, Kirkman and Azaceta explore a new kind of horror in demonic possession.  Kyle has always been surrounded by demonic possession ever since he was a child, now as an adult he is beginning to comprehend how he fits into a larger war being fought between good and evil.


Outcast isn’t as creepy or unsettling as Wytches but it definitely has potential to get there.  I am not familiar with the Walking Dead comics (I consume TWD a la television) so I can’t speak to Kirkman’s earlier work but I like the story, characters, and artwork of Outcast.  I’m looking forward to Kyle learn about his ability to possibly exorcise demons and get some more information on the war that God seems to be losing.

Side note: I need Wtyches #5 already!

Next up with Prodigy (Legend #2) by Marie Lu.  I went to an author event last year featuring Veronica Roth and Marie Lu and I received a signed copy of Legend with my ticket (and a copy of Four by Roth).  I just got around to reading Legend earlier this month and I was so surprised at how much I liked it!


While I love me some YA, I have grown a little weary of the YA dystopian genre.  Surprisingly, I found Legend to be refreshing – thorough world building, distinctive dual POV, and no love triangle!  We learn about the futuristic state of the Republic through the eyes of Day and June, both legends in their own worlds.  June is a military prodigy being groomed for the highest leadership roles within the government while Day is one of the most wanted outlaws in the Republic.  Their lives collide when Day is framed for murdering June’s brother.  As June hunts Day down, they both come to uncover secrets about their pasts and how they are mere pawns in the larger conspiracy of the Republic.


I tore through Legend and just started Prodigy, the trilogy finishes up with Champion and I can’t wait to read it!

Happy Reading!


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