Book Riot YA Quarterly Box

Book Riot is website/company/thing-a-ma-bob which provides book recommendations, literary commentary, book schwag, pretty much all things literature!


After I started regularly following Book Riot, I found out about their Quarterly Boxes.  I was about to sign up for one when they announced they were coming out with a Book Riot: YA Box #Squee!!  Sign up I did and yay it was delivered yesterday!!


Book Riot: Young Adult – Books and Bookish Goods for YA Fans.  As you’ll see, this is a box about the power of telling stories and seeing them through more than one lens.


Here’s what’s inside!!


Razorhurst by Justine Larbalestier – The setting: Razorhurst, 1932. The fragile peace between two competing mob bosses—Gloriana Nelson and Mr Davidson—is crumbling. Loyalties are shifting. Betrayals threaten.  Kelpie knows the dangers of the Sydney streets. Ghosts have kept her alive, steering her to food and safety, but they are also her torment.  Dymphna is Gloriana Nelson’s ‘best girl’, experienced in surviving the criminal world, but she doesn’t know what this day has in store for her.  When Dymphna meets Kelpie over the corpse of Jimmy Palmer, Dymphna’s latest boyfriend, she pronounces herself Kelpie’s new protector. But Dymphna’s life is in danger too, and she needs an ally. And while Jimmy’s ghost wants to help, the dead cannot protect the living . . . (Goodreads)

How It Went Down by Kekla Magoon – A 2015 Coretta Scott King Author Honor Book.  When sixteen-year-old Tariq Johnson dies from two gunshot wounds, his community is thrown into an uproar. Tariq was black. The shooter, Jack Franklin, is white.  In the aftermath of Tariq’s death, everyone has something to say, but no two accounts of the events line up. Day by day, new twists further obscure the truth.  Tariq’s friends, family, and community struggle to make sense of the tragedy, and to cope with the hole left behind when a life is cut short. In their own words, they grapple for a way to say with certainty: This is how it went down. (Goodreads)

‘Today I’m Reading…’ Mug with chalk!

Novel Teas – 5 tea bags with literary tags

Rory’s Story Cubes – fairly certain I’m not creative enough for these haha

This morning I took full advantage of my new mug.  Today I’m Reading 17 First Kisses by Rachel Allen.  Don’t let this sweet title fool you, 17 First Kisses is a poignant story about female friendships, family and first loves.


Overall, I’m really pleased with my first Book Riot YA Quarterly Box.  Do you subscribe to Book Riot’s Adult or YA Quarterly Boxes?  Are there other subscription services you love?


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