Sunday Comics

My subscription box was alas empty this week but I did pick up a few things from Criminal Records.


Southern Cross #4

Runaways #1

Orphan Black #3 and #4

This mini-haul led me to realize I am missing Southern Cross #3 and Orphan Black #2 *facepalm* – this is what happens when you don’t add new comics to your subscription box!!  Looks like I’ll be hitting up another local Atlanta comic book store called Oxford Comics which has more back issues in stock or Comixology.

I’m eager to read Runaways #1 – ever since Lumberjanes led me to Nimona, I have fallen in love with Noelle Stevenson so of course I had to pick up her latest project.

What comic books did you read this week?


Bookshelf Thursday – One Lego Ring to Rule Them All

My LOTR-themed cubby is the smallest cubby on my bookshelf but I’ll be damned if anyone says my accompanying Lego set doesn’t feature the cutest (scariest) darn Gollum.

JRR Tolkien – The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King.

I have a confession to make – I still haven’t seen The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies 😁😁😁 – I liked movies 1 and 2 but damn they are so drawn out!!

Short post today – hope you’re having a good day!

Last Week’s Comics Tonight

Last week brought some fantastic comics to my cubby at Criminal Records here in Atlanta. 


Saga #29 – In the span of 20 pages, Saga has me cracking up over a serious NSFW 2-page lizard spread and then nearly in tears over an unexpected character death – how do you do this Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples?! HOW!

Descender #4 – If you have not picked up Descender yet, you absolutely must – consistently breathtaking artwork and a heart-wrenching story to boot.

Lumberjanes #15 – I just saw on Twitter that Noelle Stevenson is stepping down as lead on Lumberjanes.  I’m sad but I know that Lumberjanes will continue to be amazing as everyone works tirelessly to ensure Friendship to the Max!

Rat Queens Vol. 2 – I haven’t read Vol. 2 yet but I’m excited!!

Giant Days #4 – Giant Days continues to be a quirky, enjoyable read.  I am interested to see where the series goes.

Ms. Marvel #16 – Ramping up for a new story arc following Kamala’s heartbreak.  How about the cliff hanger for next month #squee!

What comics have you been reading?

Bookshelf Thursday – Comic Book Cubby

The past year I have dived into the world of comic books and fallen in love.  This is my current storage method – I’m not sure the best method of storage but this has worked out better the more comics I acquired.  So that’s a sign to buy more comics?? 


Here’s the line-up: Ms. Marvel, Thor, Lumberjanes, Locke and Key, Saga, Nimona, Seconds, Courtney Crumrin, Descender, Star Wars, Outcast, Darth Vadar, Trillium, Giant Days, A-Force, Buffy, Orphan Black, Southern Cross, Wytches, Rat Queens, and Sex Criminals. Whew! (Or at least whew by my standards!)

What are your favorite comics? And what is your comic book storage methodology?

Forced Fandom Collision!

After vacation I am nearly 500 pages into A Game of Thrones. I’m finding this read much easier than last time now that I’ve seen the show.  I am really impressed at how true season 1 of the TV show is to book 1 – I know all that is going to change though.

On an unrelated note, my badass Helena Funko toy came in the mail today.  She is by far my favorite character on Orphan Black.  I am so sad to see this season ending, it has been the twisty-est yet! I can’t wait to watch the finale!

Now watch fandoms collide!  I think Helena would do just fine in Westeros 🙂

Traveling Books

No Bookshelf Thursday this week because I’m on vacation!!  Mark and I are doing a loop of sorts of California, beginning in LA to visit our friend Marla then today we are taking the train up to San Fransisco for a few days then heading to wine country and on to Northern California so I can hug some old redwood trees! 🙂

It’s quite the train the ride so I’ll be alternating between A Game of Thrones, my California guide, and my newest game addiction 2048.  I started GOT a few years back after season 1 but was intimidated by the series as a whole (and confused by all the names) and gave up.  Now that I am so invested in the TV series I’ve decided to give it another go.  I’m about 100 pages in, it’s much easier to read now that I at least have the show as a framework.

The thing bothering me right now is the ages of everyone.  Mark told me all the characters were younger but to read that Dany is 13 and consumating her marriage *vomit* – I’m just going to age everyone up in my head, very much like Fledgling by Octavia Butler.

That’s all for me today, what are you planning to read on vacation?