Bookshelf Thursday РTBR 

These books right next to my bed I hope to read in the next couple weeks.  This pile is ever changing and nothing set in stone.  These are the current hopefuls going into August.  Currently I’m reading The Revenge Playbook by Rachel Allen, though not pictured I’ll post a pic this weekend while I’m reading it on the beach ūüėĄ

The next books in the line-up are:

Black Widow Forever Red by Margaret Stohl

Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

March by Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, Nate Powell

Y The Last Man Vol. 1 and 2 by Brian K Vaughan, Pia Guerra, José Marzán, Jr.

The Sandman Prelude by Neil Gaiman

This past weekend I tore through An Ember in the Ashes by Saaba Tahir and LOVED IT!   It’s August Book Club pick for Not-So-YA.  So so good! What are you reading??


Trillium by Jeff Lemire

Mark picked up the first issue of the limited series Trillium by Jeff Lemire on recommendation from our comic book store Criminal Records.  Shortly thereafter I found the complete series at our other comic book store Oxford Comics. I nearly read it non-stop!  The year is 3797, Nika Tensmith is a scientist.  The year is 1921, William Pike is a solider.  They come from different worlds. Different times. Different pasts. But their lives are about to intertwine in unimaginable ways. A portal exists between their worlds – a bridge between their minds.  A secret that could save them… or destroy all of existence.

Trillium is an interstellar, time traveling, race against the end of humanity romance.  Star crossed lovers across time and space, I wouldn’t be opposed to recommending Trillium to Doctor Who fans!!  William and Nika both have tragic pasts with emotional baggage but are joined together through an alien race who may have the answers to save humanity from a deadly sentinent virus.

Loved the watercolor artwork and the story. I definitely recommend this 2014 Eisner Award Nominee (Best Limited Series) to any sci-fi lovers!

Bloody Bookshelf Thursday

Tonight’s cubby is a bit bloody – forensic science, medical examiners, crime scene examiners, murder mysteries and trashy vamp novels.  Considered the father of forensic anthropology, Bill Bass has written Death’s Acre and Beyond the Body Farm as an window into the fascinating world of the Knoxville Body Farm.  The Body Farm provides invaluable forensic research on ther decomposition of bodies.

My favorite Mary Roach novel Stiff explores all the possibilities that are in store for your body after you die – from donating your body to science to turning your body into compost!

Aftermath, Inc. was an eye-opening read! What happens when a violent/bloody crime happens in your home and the police are done with the crime scene?  Who does the clean-up?  You do! Or you hire a company to do the dirty work. Equal parts hilarious and horrifying, Aftermath is a must read for any forensic enthusiasts.

You’d think as a forensic scientist who got her start in Richmond, VA I’d have read a lot more Patricia Cornwell but …. I haven’t.  I’m sorry Kay Scarpetta!!

Last but not least – trashy vampire novels which are pretty lusty, I mean blood lusty…  Halfway to the Grave and One Foot in the Grave by Jeaniene Frost are entertaining/ridiculous vampire novels made slightly confusing by the male vamp protagonist going by Bones.

Any forensic science-esque novels in your collection?

Monday Comics

I didn’t get around to posting yesterday because our cat Bear was missing!! He went on a weekend long adventure into the great outdoors that nearly gave Mark and I a heart attack.  After searching on foot/by car, going to the animal shelter and hanging flyers, Bear turned up this morning laying on the porch like nothing had happened.  We are very happy to have the little troublemaker home.  

On to comics!  Just 3 this week plus a super awesome ARC. 

Giant Day #5 – Probably my favorite issue yet!!  I’m glad this was such a strong issue because I was a little indifferent about the last issue.  Issue 5 saves the day.

A-Force #2 – A lot is going on which seems like an understatement.  Still s relative newbie to comics, I am working on navigating Battleworld and Victor Von Doom.  I’m loving all the the action.  All the wonderful ladies in one comic is making want to seek out the solo comics especial She-Hulk.

Lumberjanes #16 – Month after month I love these girls.  The girls are reunited with Jen and we get some more backstory of Rosie and the old Bear Woman.

Black Widow Forever Red by Margaret Stohl – So so excited to have nabbed this ARC from my bookshop Little Shop of Stories and I can’t wait to pass it around my book club.  Due out this October, I’ll post a full review before then, hopefully within the next month.

What comics are you reading??

Clone Club Member

It’s no secret, I love Orphan Black! This past season (S3) was unbelievable – acting, story telling, plot twists – all on point!!  I almost hopped on a plane when it was announced Rhetta would be moderating the SDCC Orphan Black panel.  Instead to get my fix, I spent some OT $$$ on all 3 seasons on BluRay and a Cosmia doll to keep Helena company.  NO REGRETS!  

Season 3 isn’t actually out yet so it was pre-ordered.  Cosmia is still in her box because she is too top heavy and keeps falling over ūüė© I’m going to try and rig something up though.

Previous Helena shenanigans:   

She almost murdered this Chipotle burrito bowl during the finale – it was intense!!

I’m super pumped because some book club friends and I have decided to go as Clone Club for DragonCon.  I’m playing Cosima, Christina is Sarah, and Sarah is Allison.  Maybe we can find some more clones before September!  Please please please let there be some Orphan Black actor/writer/comic representation at DragonCon!!

Are you a card carrying Clone Club member???

Bookshelf Thursday – Star Wars

Short and sweet tonight because I’m exhausted after a 12-hour day, whew I need to go to bed early!

 Tonight’s cubby features Mark and I’s travel books over the past 10 years (yikes 10 years!).  In summary –  I studied aboard in Egypt in college, Mark and I just went to California for vacation last month, we spent our honeymoon in Spain and France, and lastly Mark went backpacking through Europe after college.  The cubby is missing 1 Caribbean travel book which my co-worker is borrowing for her honeymoon – we went to Puerto Rico just a few years ago.  So I’m not super well-traveled but not too shabby either!

Extra cubby pic featuring the whole little Lego Star Wars set  Hope you’re having a good week!

Book Riot YA Quarterly Box #2

The second Book Riot YA Quarterly Box was delivered last week and I love it!!

Just a quick recap of what a Book Riot YA Quarterly Box is: Book Riot is website/company/thing-a-ma-bob which provides book recommendations, literary commentary, book schwag, pretty much all things literature!  After I started regularly following Book Riot, I found out about their YA Quarterly Boxes.  This is the second box I have received.


Book Riot: Young Adult ‚Äď Books and Bookish Goods for YA Fans. ¬†As our friend good ole Billy Shakespeare reportedly said, “a friend is someone that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts that you have become, and still, gently, allow you to grow.” ¬†Get ready to make friends with these friendship-heavy YA reads.


First impression of the friendship-themed box: 3 books AND goodies Рwoot woot!!

Chasing Shadows by Swati Avasthi –¬†Before: Corey, Holly, and Savitri are one unit‚ÄĒfast, strong, inseparable. Together they turn Chicago concrete and asphalt into a freerunner‚Äôs jungle gym, ricocheting off walls, scaling buildings, leaping from rooftops to rooftop. ¬†But acting like a superhero doesn‚Äôt make you bulletproof‚Ķ ¬†After: Holly and Savitri are coming unglued. Holly says she‚Äôs chasing Corey‚Äôs killer, chasing revenge. Savitri fears Holly‚Äôs just running wild‚ÄĒand leaving her behind. Friends should stand by each other in times of crisis. But can you hold on too tight? Too long? ¬†In this intense novel, Swati Avasthi creates a gripping portrait of two girls teetering on the edge of grief and insanity. Two girls who will find out just how many ways there are to lose a friend‚Ķand how many ways to be lost.

A Sense of the Infinite by Hilary T. Smith – A¬†beautiful coming-of-age story about deep friendship, the weight of secrets, and the healing power of nature. ¬†It’s senior year of high school, and Annabeth is ready‚ÄĒready for everything she and her best friend, Noe, have been planning and dreaming. But there are some things Annabeth isn’t prepared for, like the constant presence of Noe’s new boyfriend. Like how her relationship with her mom is wearing and fraying. And like the way the secret she’s been keeping hidden deep inside her for years has started clawing at her insides, making it hard to eat or even breathe. ¬†But most especially, she isn’t prepared to lose Noe. ¬†For years, Noe has anchored Annabeth and set their joint path. Now Noe is drifting in another direction, making new plans and dreams that don’t involve Annabeth. Without Noe’s constant companionship, Annabeth’s world begins to crumble. But as a chain of events pulls Annabeth further and further away from Noe, she finds herself closer and closer to discovering who she’s really meant to be‚ÄĒwith her best friend or without. ¬†Bonus Item: a series of postcards and a signed bookplate from the author.

Everything Leads to You by Nina Lacour –¬†A wunderkind young set designer, Emi has already started to find her way in the competitive Hollywood film world. ¬†Emi is a film buff and a true romantic, but her real-life relationships are a mess. She has desperately gone back to the same girl too many times to mention. But then a mysterious letter from a silver screen legend leads Emi to Ava. Ava is unlike anyone Emi has ever met. She has a tumultuous, not-so-glamorous past, and lives an unconventional life. She‚Äôs enigmatic‚Ķ. She‚Äôs beautiful. And she is about to expand Emi‚Äôs understanding of family, acceptance, and true romance. ¬†Bonus Item: a deleted scene!

I haven’t heard of Chasing Shadows or A Sense of the Infinite but I’m stoked to read them. ¬†I can’t wait to read Everything Leads to You – ELTY was a previous bookclub pick of a month that I missed! ¬†(Book descriptions taken from GoodReads)

IMG_5083The goodies include¬†a colorful¬†book light¬†(which comes with a free e-book!) and these killer library cards from Knot & Bow! ¬†I’m pretty generous with my book lending and I keep a list in my phone of who has what but now I have my own¬†awesome library cards!


Here’s one more pick of the whole awesome box! #BYA02