Sunday Comics

A little bit of a random comic book collection this weekend.  I bought ODY-C Vol. 1 (Issues #1-5) by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward from Image Comics.  I also nabbed Persepolis (#1-2) by Marjane Satrapi from the TARDIS Little Free Library in Macon, GA.


Like many of the Goodreads reviews, I also finished ODY-C thinking ‘what the eff did I just read?’  It was good, I think?  I honestly don’t remember enough of the Odyessy from high school to truly appreciate the adaptation but the artwork is undeniably gorgeous.  At this point though I think I will pick ODY-C Vol. 2 when it comes out.  Persepolis is a graphic novel I’ve been wanting to read for some time so I was very happy to grab a copy from the TARDIS.

During this week’s comiXology Image sale, I bought Injection #1 and Southern Cross #3.

DIG057945_2 DIG057954_2

I don’t know that I will be continuing with either of these series (seriously a weird week for comics!!).  At this point I have read issues #1-4 of Southern Cross and am kind of indifferent towards the mystery.  My interest was sort of peaked with the storyline of Injection but I wasn’t a big fan of the lettering or dialogue.

What comic books did you read this week?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Comics

  1. I actually really want to read ODY-C but I don’t really get the concept. And I actually recently got Black Widow Vol. 1 and The Lumberjanes (can’t remember who wrote either, but I do know that the Lumberjanes is more of a graphic novel) and I also ordered the first five issues of Ms. Marvel (the new reboot) that’s all in one book that all has bonus content! So excited *-*

    • ODY-C is a gender-swapped retelling of the Odyssey in space, except there are virtually no men whatsoever. It was decent, very trippy. I want to read Black Widow Vol. 1 too! Love love love Lumberjanes and Ms. Marvel – I hope you like them too!

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