Sunday Comics

A good mix of brand new comics and some old favorites this week.  Saga #30 – This issue wraps up the most recent story arc and of course it ends with a cliffhanger right as Saga goes into its regularly scheduled hiatus 😭😭 – time for a series reread?

Runaways #2 – The ragtag band of teenagers have become the Runaways as they flee from Doom’s Academy when they learn a dark secret about the final exams.  Can’t wait to see where this goes!

Descender #5 – Month after month I am impressed with the Descender storyline and blown away by the artwork.  Issue #5 is the second to last in this arc and it did not disappoint – I wants the finale now!!

Archie #1 – I couldn’t help but pick up Archie  given all the buzz and it’s illustrated by Fiona Staples (of Saga).  I read my fair share of Archie comics in the supermarket line and this reboot was pretty entertaining; I think I will pick up #2 in August.  The most interesting part was the inclusion of the original Archie #1 from 1941 in the back of the comic.

We Stand On Guard #1 – A recommendation from my local comic book shop Criminal Records, WSOG is the new series from Brian K. Vaughan. USA v. Canada with futuristic, militaristic robots, sure why not?


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