Clone Club Member

It’s no secret, I love Orphan Black! This past season (S3) was unbelievable – acting, story telling, plot twists – all on point!!  I almost hopped on a plane when it was announced Rhetta would be moderating the SDCC Orphan Black panel.  Instead to get my fix, I spent some OT $$$ on all 3 seasons on BluRay and a Cosmia doll to keep Helena company.  NO REGRETS!  

Season 3 isn’t actually out yet so it was pre-ordered.  Cosmia is still in her box because she is too top heavy and keeps falling over 😩 I’m going to try and rig something up though.

Previous Helena shenanigans:   

She almost murdered this Chipotle burrito bowl during the finale – it was intense!!

I’m super pumped because some book club friends and I have decided to go as Clone Club for DragonCon.  I’m playing Cosima, Christina is Sarah, and Sarah is Allison.  Maybe we can find some more clones before September!  Please please please let there be some Orphan Black actor/writer/comic representation at DragonCon!!

Are you a card carrying Clone Club member???


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