Bloody Bookshelf Thursday

Tonight’s cubby is a bit bloody – forensic science, medical examiners, crime scene examiners, murder mysteries and trashy vamp novels.  Considered the father of forensic anthropology, Bill Bass has written Death’s Acre and Beyond the Body Farm as an window into the fascinating world of the Knoxville Body Farm.  The Body Farm provides invaluable forensic research on ther decomposition of bodies.

My favorite Mary Roach novel Stiff explores all the possibilities that are in store for your body after you die – from donating your body to science to turning your body into compost!

Aftermath, Inc. was an eye-opening read! What happens when a violent/bloody crime happens in your home and the police are done with the crime scene?  Who does the clean-up?  You do! Or you hire a company to do the dirty work. Equal parts hilarious and horrifying, Aftermath is a must read for any forensic enthusiasts.

You’d think as a forensic scientist who got her start in Richmond, VA I’d have read a lot more Patricia Cornwell but …. I haven’t.  I’m sorry Kay Scarpetta!!

Last but not least – trashy vampire novels which are pretty lusty, I mean blood lusty…  Halfway to the Grave and One Foot in the Grave by Jeaniene Frost are entertaining/ridiculous vampire novels made slightly confusing by the male vamp protagonist going by Bones.

Any forensic science-esque novels in your collection?


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