Trillium by Jeff Lemire

Mark picked up the first issue of the limited series Trillium by Jeff Lemire on recommendation from our comic book store Criminal Records.  Shortly thereafter I found the complete series at our other comic book store Oxford Comics. I nearly read it non-stop!  The year is 3797, Nika Tensmith is a scientist.  The year is 1921, William Pike is a solider.  They come from different worlds. Different times. Different pasts. But their lives are about to intertwine in unimaginable ways. A portal exists between their worlds – a bridge between their minds.  A secret that could save them… or destroy all of existence.

Trillium is an interstellar, time traveling, race against the end of humanity romance.  Star crossed lovers across time and space, I wouldn’t be opposed to recommending Trillium to Doctor Who fans!!  William and Nika both have tragic pasts with emotional baggage but are joined together through an alien race who may have the answers to save humanity from a deadly sentinent virus.

Loved the watercolor artwork and the story. I definitely recommend this 2014 Eisner Award Nominee (Best Limited Series) to any sci-fi lovers!


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