Comics Go Dark(er)

Here is a list of my comic book progression:



Ms. Marvel

Rat Queens


It looked like there was a trend that went badly wrong…

I received I think it was 99 free comics from in September as part of a promotion. Among the 99 comics was Nailbiter by Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson. Most of the comics didn’t catch my eye but damn the cover of Nailbiter #1! Nailbiter is about a town called Buckaroo, Oregon – the birthplace of sixteen serial killers, the most recent of which targets people who bite their nails and then proceeds to eat their fingers, among other body parts… The premise creeped me out to my core. Confession – I bite my nails, I have for years…


After the first free issue, I bought issues 2 thru 5 digitally via comiXology. It’s a different comic book reading experience, a digital comic versus a paper comic. I prefer paper copies but comiXology has a lot sales and promotions to introduce you to new comics (including one for the 12 days of Christmas!). I think for Nailbiter at least, I will stick to digital copies but Saga, definitely need a paper copy (single issues because I need to know what happens NOW and then the trade volumes for bookshelf consistency, seriously I’m obsessed) whereas Rat Queens, I will purchase just the trade volumes as they are released. Maybe it’s a little weird that I am so not consistent across comic books but I can’t really explain it. How do you prefer to read your comic books?

Nailbiter has some incredible, gory, awesome artwork.  If you’re a little twisted (like I apparently am), definitely check out this comic.


After Nailbiter who knows where this comic train will go! Any recommendations?