Playing Catch Up

Why hello there, long time, no see!  It has been quite awhile since I updated – over three months actually – eek!

My husband and I are expecting a baby boy in May so as you can imagine, our world is in the process of being turned upside down.  We’ve decided on a Harry Potter nursery, is anyone actually surprised??

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 6.44.34 PM

Our baby announcement!

We’ve gotten some of the major furniture items, done the baby registry, my friends are planning my NC baby shower and my next item of business is researching daycare for after I go back to work. The whole things still seems surreal!


Harry Potter flying key mobile

My best friend from college was in Atlanta for a conference so we went a bit baby crazy.  We made this gorgeous Harry Potter mobile using this YouTube video as a reference:  I am absolutely in love with it!

Amidst all the baby preparations, I did keep up with my reading.  Yes it is February but I would still like to share a few of my favorites from 2015:

Favorite Comics – The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Nimona, Locke and Key, Rat Queens, Trillium, Descender, Wytches, Saga, Ms. Marvel

Favorite Books – Carry On, The Revenge Playbook, An Ember in the Ashes, Speak, I’ll Give You the Sun, Rose Under Fire, Legend

Favorite TV Shows – Orphan Black, Supergirl

Favorite Movies – Star Wars, Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two.

I hope you all have been doing well these path few months, reading some great books, and nerding out with some wonderful fandoms!



DragonCon Day 2

I had such a great day today at DragonCon!  I am so so pleased with my Cosima cosplay. First thing I did today was meet Chris Rankin aka Percy Weasley!  Chris talked about his audition process, his favorite Percy moments, and what he’s up to these days.  For his Percy application, Chris mailed in a postcard saying he was a prefect in school, a ginger, not a twin and 16 aka perfect for Percy.  His favorite HP character is Tom Riddle and he’d love to play Arthur or Horace in a remake.    His favorite HP moments: leading the first years to the common room, the breakfast scene at the burrow especially the hair and the ‘night dress thing’, the final battle (apparently the Weasley family danced to Saturday Night Fever!), and his absolute favorite moment was yelling ‘I’m headboy’ in Prisoner of Azkaban.

Chris earned his degree in media production and currently works in TV production.  Overall, I was pretty impressed with the interview! 

Friday Schedule

 After Chris Rankin, I attended a panel discussion about creating a safe space for female (comic book) readers.  It was a great conversation between Gwenda Bond and Laurenn McCubbins and I came away with some killer reading recommendations: Bombshells, Not Funny Ha Ha, Diary of a Teenage Girl, and On A Wire to name a few.I wrapped up the afternoon by going to an X-Files panel featuring the actors who played Deep Throat and Alex Krychek (Jerry Hardin and Nick Lea).  Sadly, Lea confirmed he will not be appearing in the new X-Files in Jan. 2016.Two of my favorite cosplays I saw today were a couple dressed up as the Grey Lady and Nearly Headless Nick and a woman dressed up as The Last Unicorn, my FAVORITE childhood movie. Last but not least – my fellow sestras and I being silly 🙂 

DragonCon Day 1

This is my first year going to DragonCon!!  

I’m really excited, I’m gonna try and do a post a day.

Check out these kick ass badges: 
Tomorrow will be my first full day.  I’m cosplaying Cosima from Orphan Black with two of my friends – I’ll have an Allison and Sarah to round out the clone trio. It would be great to find a Helena to take a pic with!  My co-worker offered to flat twist my hair to resemble Cosima.  

I’ll post my full cosplay tomorrow!!

Cat tax, my hair supervisor:  

Comic Blue Balls

This past weekend I was in NC for my best friend’s bridal shower.  Sunday I drove the seven hours back to Atlanta alternating between listening to Jim Dale (HP7) and singing into my hairbrush to stave off boredom.  After FINALLY arriving home, Mark and I decided to go to Little 5 for comic books and some grub.  Mark wanted to get dinner first and then what happened?  THE COMIC BOOK STORE WAS CLOSED!!! 😓😓😓   I almost cried but my friend Sarah made me laugh and I resurrected from my depression.  I made it to Criminal Records after work on Monday and these three beauties were in my cubby:  Descender #6 – This issue ‘concludes’ the first arc of this amazing series from Image.  I say concludes but it ends on a major cliff hanger!! Arg need more Tim-21 now!!  Jeff Lemire is magic!

Orphan Black #5 aka the Rachel Duncan issue. I loved it!! There was so much great backstory of Rachel as a child and how she became self aware following the death of her parents.  AND it introduced a new clone!!  Downside – no new issue to November 😱😱😱

Secret Wars #5 – I’m trying guys, really trying to get into Secret Wats but everything is so detailed and complicated and interconnected. After it’s all concluded they need to publish one massive volume of all the Secret Wars multiverse comic books.

So what have you been reading? Hopefully no comic blue balls for you 😉

Clone Club Member

It’s no secret, I love Orphan Black! This past season (S3) was unbelievable – acting, story telling, plot twists – all on point!!  I almost hopped on a plane when it was announced Rhetta would be moderating the SDCC Orphan Black panel.  Instead to get my fix, I spent some OT $$$ on all 3 seasons on BluRay and a Cosmia doll to keep Helena company.  NO REGRETS!  

Season 3 isn’t actually out yet so it was pre-ordered.  Cosmia is still in her box because she is too top heavy and keeps falling over 😩 I’m going to try and rig something up though.

Previous Helena shenanigans:   

She almost murdered this Chipotle burrito bowl during the finale – it was intense!!

I’m super pumped because some book club friends and I have decided to go as Clone Club for DragonCon.  I’m playing Cosima, Christina is Sarah, and Sarah is Allison.  Maybe we can find some more clones before September!  Please please please let there be some Orphan Black actor/writer/comic representation at DragonCon!!

Are you a card carrying Clone Club member???

Sunday Comics

My subscription box was alas empty this week but I did pick up a few things from Criminal Records.


Southern Cross #4

Runaways #1

Orphan Black #3 and #4

This mini-haul led me to realize I am missing Southern Cross #3 and Orphan Black #2 *facepalm* – this is what happens when you don’t add new comics to your subscription box!!  Looks like I’ll be hitting up another local Atlanta comic book store called Oxford Comics which has more back issues in stock or Comixology.

I’m eager to read Runaways #1 – ever since Lumberjanes led me to Nimona, I have fallen in love with Noelle Stevenson so of course I had to pick up her latest project.

What comic books did you read this week?

Forced Fandom Collision!

After vacation I am nearly 500 pages into A Game of Thrones. I’m finding this read much easier than last time now that I’ve seen the show.  I am really impressed at how true season 1 of the TV show is to book 1 – I know all that is going to change though.

On an unrelated note, my badass Helena Funko toy came in the mail today.  She is by far my favorite character on Orphan Black.  I am so sad to see this season ending, it has been the twisty-est yet! I can’t wait to watch the finale!

Now watch fandoms collide!  I think Helena would do just fine in Westeros 🙂