Playing Catch Up

Why hello there, long time, no see!  It has been quite awhile since I updated – over three months actually – eek!

My husband and I are expecting a baby boy in May so as you can imagine, our world is in the process of being turned upside down.  We’ve decided on a Harry Potter nursery, is anyone actually surprised??

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 6.44.34 PM

Our baby announcement!

We’ve gotten some of the major furniture items, done the baby registry, my friends are planning my NC baby shower and my next item of business is researching daycare for after I go back to work. The whole things still seems surreal!


Harry Potter flying key mobile

My best friend from college was in Atlanta for a conference so we went a bit baby crazy.  We made this gorgeous Harry Potter mobile using this YouTube video as a reference:  I am absolutely in love with it!

Amidst all the baby preparations, I did keep up with my reading.  Yes it is February but I would still like to share a few of my favorites from 2015:

Favorite Comics – The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Nimona, Locke and Key, Rat Queens, Trillium, Descender, Wytches, Saga, Ms. Marvel

Favorite Books – Carry On, The Revenge Playbook, An Ember in the Ashes, Speak, I’ll Give You the Sun, Rose Under Fire, Legend

Favorite TV Shows – Orphan Black, Supergirl

Favorite Movies – Star Wars, Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two.

I hope you all have been doing well these path few months, reading some great books, and nerding out with some wonderful fandoms!



The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Chiik Chuuk Chik!  That’s Northeastern Squirrelese for you Squirrel Girl novices!


I have no idea why I waited so long to read The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl by Erica Henderson and Ryan North.  Last week I bought Volume 1 (Issues #1-4) from My Parent’s Basement, Atlanta’s newest comic book bar.  Doreen Green (aka Squirrel Girl) is a college freshman with squirrel blood – she possesses the proportional speed and strength of a squirrel, oh and she has a tail.  One of my favorite lines in the first issue is I’m Doreen Green, completely regular college student who knows how to tuck her her tail into her pants… and who just happens to appear to have a conspicuously large and conspicuously awesome butt.  Let’s do this.


I can’t sing enough of Squirrel Girl’s praises – Doreen Green is funny and brave, she wants to be a normal college girl while saving the world.  Her sidekick is Tippy-Toe, an adorable squirrel with a pink bow.  Nancy Whitehead is her college roommate who loves to knit and illegally keeps her cat Mew in the dorms.  Doreen has a crush on a boy named Tomas Lara-Perez with the dreamiest cheekbones.  North and Henderson do a phenomenal job of bringing Doreen and her friends to life, Doreen feels like a girl I could have gone to school with, been friends with.

Volume 1 contains some great extras too – the back pages show off some truly amazing variant covers, here’s just one example from Skottie Young.  The collection also includes Marvel Super-Heroes Issue #8 – Squirrel Girl’s first appearance in 1991.  Truth be told, Doreen’s original caricature is a little bit terrifying haha but you’ll just have to see for yourself.


If you haven’t picked up The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl yet, what are you waiting for???

Last Week’s Comic Book Round Up

I got a little bit of everything in last week’s comic book haul – comedy, fantasy, superheroes, the works.


Archie #2 – For a comic book all about Archie, all I got say is Jughead is hella hot.  Jughead is even getting his own comic book 10/7/15 from Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson – More than burgers but mostly burgers.


Giant Days #6 – Love this cover!  Daisy and Esther are on a mission to find Susan after she disappears during Christmas break with some help from McGraw ❤2015-08-21 22.09.15

Rat Queens #11 – After falling in love with the trade volumes, I’ve crossed over into single issue purchases of Rat Queens!  I’m not over the moon with the new artist Tess Fowler, unfortunately Rat Queens has been plagued with artist problems after the original artist Roc Upchurch was arrested on domestic violence charges.  In other Rat Queens news, the series is being developed into an animated television series #squee!  You can read about it here.  Also I found out I’m missing the special on Braga – Imma gonna need that!


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 1 – I’ve heard so many good things about Squirrel Girl, I can’t wait to read it!  I picked it up on a whim at the new comic book bar in town – My Parent’s Basement, if you’re in the Atlanta area check it out!

The Runaways #3 – Runaways continues to be my favorite of the Battleworld comics ❤

Whatcha been reading??